Friday, November 16, 2007

Tobias' Cider

3/11/07 - Cooks and Brewers Guild Meeting, Suth Guild Heall

Today I decided to make an Apple Cider from ingredients and implements readily available in my local supermarkets.

To make this Cider I collected the following ingredients: 4L of Apple Juice (the stuff that sits on the shelf for months); 1 sachet of Beer Yeast; 4 teaspoons of Yeast starter; one tablespoon of orange juice; and one quarter of a cup of very strong tea.

I also collected the following implements; the bottle that the apple juice came in; a fermentation lock; and a drill to put a hole in the top of the juice bottle lid.

Step One: take out about a cup of apple juice from the bottle to allow room for the other ingredients.

Step Two: to half a cup of warm water, add the packet of yeast and one teaspoon of yeast starter. Leave for half an hour.

Step Three: add yeast mixture, remainder of the yeast starter, orange juice and tea to apple juice.

Step Four: drill a hole big enough to fit the grommet of the fermentation lock in the top of the juice bottle lid, fit grommet and fermentation lock in the lid.

Step Five: half fill the fermentation lock with water, and fit onto the top of the juice bottle.

Wait for bubbling to start, and finish.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Brewers in the Suth Gild Heall Area

Unite and take action. Have a spot to record and be proud of your brews.

See if it works and to see it people are interestd in sharing